Paige Caiden's Tale

My activities this holiday :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

My new best friend, The Laptop~~~ ( O.O ) ~~~
This is my new hobby, designing album art by my own :) for example, the picture. the album is limited edition cos' it unofficial, but the song is OFFICIALLY AWESOME :) you have to hear it, like seriously go and search for this title or else i'll ... [we'll end it up to here, shall we? ] Also, like what i'm doing right now, BLOGGING. also, downloading movie, live performance, music video is a bonus for me because of my uncle's wifi :) i'm haaaaaapppy ;D Oh, also i've been busy with my new project called "CARBON-X KEY-IN SYSTEM", for my father's business. wish me luck [coding, let's get back together :*]

Helping at my father's shop 
It was awesome because it's my father's. Also I can eat ice cream everytime as long as i've money in my pocket >.< that's explain the chubbiness =="

Hari Raya Aidiladha
It was awesome as I got to eat much, but a little too tiring because i need to help my mom with cooking, washing dishes, arranging tables, take care of my sister and that's all. :D

I went to stadium, which is my first time going there. My family and I watch the match between Malaysia and Bahrain at Stadium Shah Alam. Feeling of being there, excited to meet the player up close, annoying of the freaking loud cheers of boys and men, also anxious for goaaaals. but well, 1-1 is the score so deal with it. I'm proud of Malaysia... Syahrul is handsome up-close.... and i don't know any other player ... and i saw safee, which again i'm not interested... and that's that.