Paige Caiden's Tale

Grateful :')

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

Firstly, sobs sobs sobs. Not that i'm sad. I'm just freakishly thankful for my friends that are always there for me. It almost make me cry but I let it deep within. I'm lucky to meet these awesome people. They might not seem much for you but they're everything for me ;)
My family ;)
Nothing can describe them. What I could say is I love them so much >.< *homesick*
Hykal Fikri
I'm actually not in the position to be his friend or even best friend because of my stupid actions. We have a way past history together as a friend, enemy, and best friend. It's hard to believe but yeah. I met him when i'm in standard 3 or such and we both love cycling and cats. So, that's our childhood hobbies together. Then, after i'm in standard 5 or such we lost contact with each other and then in high school we become friends again >.< It wasn't that awkward as i know him then. He always remember 85% of the things I've said to him that i didn't even remember. My memory is always hazy, he's the best reminder ever XD If I calculate it right, we've known each other for 9 years. That's a record but i've some problems with myself that makes us having a slight communication problems. My bad, sorry. He called at 9PM when I was in the library, alhamdulillah I could talk to him like i used to. I hope my bad habits of ignoring people go away. ~ Sorry my dear friend, I told you before the reason but now I just could hope you do well in your studies and become a successful photographer ;) Bole tgkp gamba aku kawen nanti XD
Eqa & Ezma
I put them in a line cos' for me they're just like my older sis, Unnie <3 If I continue this, i might cry. So, I just wanna say I missed all the moments we spent together, the three of us. I might not be the ones who's the best for you as a friend but I would do anything and also will always pray for your happiness.
The thing I remember the most of them is the moment they cried, because that's the time I've ever work so hard to make them smile again. I couldn't afford to cry along with them cos' it will make it worst and it hurts seeing them like that. They're like my sister, who wouldn't get mad if someone makes your sis cried like that >.< So, yeah I can get a bit freaky and go overboard sometimes but they're the ones who always understands and helps me in anything, everything,anytime. I love you, girls <3
My former class, 5AK1
Okay, this is getting weird. haha. I've met the same person over two years and we've been close to each other ever since. With the seriously loud boys and extremely interesting girls we've become the most awesomest class ever. >.< Anyway, I wanna thanks them for making my senior life the best year of my life also for being there and always respond to your laughing shadow in class XD ( i even have a superhero name which i create myself >.<*krikkrik )

they are the ones i knew after 2013 which is weird cos' i know them for just 6 month but they've always help me ;)
The study group friends.
which consist of me,Harith,Nad,Fazlin,Aisyah,Aja,Afif.
Harith : I thought that he'll be the last person I'll get close to in the class but eventually we become the closest because of study also common sense ;)
Nad : She's the closest with me after harith, LOL. because i get close to harith before i met her so yeah. The second but still the first awesomest friends ever ;)
Fazlin : She's a pretty 2 years older friend of mine >.< At first I couldn't expect that she could be as freak as Nad is so, I joined the club >.<
Aisyah : She's an awesome 2 years older senior of mine. LOL. She seems more mature than Fazlin that's why ;) She always gives the best in advises and lead like a sister but still a freak like us >.<
Aja : The guy next door that all the neighbors know type of guy. His a kind and seriously generous friend but when it comes to trolling people, it's his territory. My roommate can't stop laughing even by looking only his face, that's how funny he is >.<
Afif : He's a dazed(blur) but caring guy. He also likes to joke around whenever we met each other. He got a macho side where he cares about people around him include me, AWW :3

The thing is, they mean every single piece of my life so that's that. ;D