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Love Giveaway By JohorGirl And Hana

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
The prizes are awesome :)

Organised by : Hana & Johorgirl
Name of the giveaway : Love Giveaway.
Motive : To spread the love and create special bond between blogger.
Due date : 5th Nov. - 12th Dec. 2013
Da Rules :
1 : 100% Malaysian
2 : Have a Facebook and Blog Account.
3 : Respect all of the rules given.
4 : Be truthful on respecting every rules.
5 : Make an entry entitled " Love Giveaway By JohorGirl And Hana".
6 : This giveaway going to launched from the 5th of November until 12th of December 2013 and it will end at 11:59PM.

Mandatory thing that you MUST do : liking pages, following blogs, like and share a picture on facebook, following twitter. That's it. :D

List Of Prizes :
Top referral - RM50 Cash, Necklace, RM10 Top-Up
Random Consolation - Friendship Bracelet{1}, Pixel KeyChain{1}, Header{12}, Cute KeyChain{2}, Hijab pins{2}.

all participants will receive a RM6 voucher in JOHOR WARDROBE!

Winners willl be announced after two days from the due date. Due Date also will be updated wether it would be earlier or delayed.