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Simple Giveaway By Ain Rahman

Friday, November 15, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

the prizes are seriously a bargain much and I hope I could win the Islamic Books / Diary :3 Ambitious enough, haha >.<

Organised by :
Ain Rahman
Sponsored by :
Hawa Syazana , Mommy , Imtiyaz Amsyar Enterprise , IGS Design , Tudung Wonderful , Jamu Susuk Dara Venny , Fatin Nabila Zainal , Kedai Comel , Nova Tee , Efira Secret , EyqaHasnanLove PerfumeZyranee ( Agen Sugarscarf )Nur Mahirah Muhammad & Fans Of Perfume.
Prize List :
t-shirt, notebook, fridge magnet, lip mask, mini notebook, bag, DKNY perfume, tribal top, face cream, top-up, shawl, ribbon brooch, perfume, phone chain, islamic books, diary, mask, hijab and mini cooper replica. ( the last three are only for the most likers )
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Required Entry ;
Nickname : Pka
Address : I'll let you know privately :)
E-mail :
Birth Date : 25/7/1995
Telephone Number & Line Used : I'll let you know privately :)
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Prove for downloading timeline :

Tag : Amy - i don't really know her but i know this GA from her post , so thank her for everything :3