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Monday, November 25, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
This awesome GA attracts me because of the familiar fonts she used for the banner XD It's exoziti ;)
Click the banner to join !
Organised by: Ika
Due date: 23th November - 23th December 2013
Prize List:
kpop button badge { 4 org pemenang }
shawl syria { 1 org pemenang }
topup RM5 { 3 org pemenang }
custom button badge 58mm design sendiri { 2 org pemenang }
hp strap nama { 3 org pemenang }
doodle cute { 2 org pemenang }
ID card holder { 1 pemenang }
set fridge magnet + bookmark { 2 org pemenang }
bloglist sebulan { 3 org pemenang }
review blog { 3 org pemenang }
cover photo facebook/twitter { 2 org pemenang }
EXO header { 1 org pemenang }

Le Question.
1: If i woke up one morning and find myself had switched bodies with someone i know, i will hope that my bodies aren't far to switch again.
2: If i have to be an animal, i would choose to be a bunny because it makes me giggle.
3: If i had only 24 hours to live, i will stay in my room shut close and pray and ask forgiveness from everyone.
4: If a classmate asked me for the answer to a question during an exam while the teacher was not looking, i will say "I Don't Know!" or ignore them.
5: If the whole world were listening to me, i will say "We are all in this world together, so show some respect, humble, kindness, happiness so that this world shall go on in peace. Spread the lovee <3".
6: If i am a rich person, i will donate to the ones I know and don't know and in need.
7: If i am an ice cream, i will choose Pistachio Almond flavor because it is my favourite >.<
8: If someone's underwear was showing, i will turn back and walk away.
9: If i can change one of the bad habits that i have, i would change the clumsiness of myself.
10: If i am a superhero, i would like to be Superwoman.
11: If a film director made a movie of my life, i would like to play as myself because it's my life >.<
12: If I were invited to have a tea with the queen of england, i would say "thank you madame but i have to decline because it's way too far * and i'd rather go to Korea * ;)"
13: If i were the president of the united states, the problem or concern would i work on first is the poor people and the wars * it's two so, yeah i'm greedy >.< *
14: If i had to describe myself using three words, it would be Quirk Dorky Psychologist
15: If i could be anybody besides myself, i would be no one.

That's it i guess, thaaaaanks for the awesome question ;) Now, I need to go to class. Fi Amanillah.