Paige Caiden's Tale


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
If you look at this pictures you won't believe that i'm such a shy person because I write as much as I talk. Yup, I'm talkative but seriously introverted and shy :'3 Also, I have zero-level of confidence. Also, I have zero common sense of fashion, but sense of joke 100%ly activated every second >.< anyway, why i am saying this is cos' i wanna tell to the people who have zero confidence and embarrassed of themselves, Be yourself. Because it hurts to cover this and faking it every time. I once hate my plump face and such but I never tried to actually lose weight, so I'm failing myself and almost make myself obese. I'm overweight, but never take care of anything. Even diet didn't work out for me. It called saying but not doing it, that's my bad habit. I tried to not over-eat but I got so freaking hungry try to hold it in, eventually eating much after that. The thing is, I can control my weight to not go over 65 for the whole year of 2013. and i even lost weight on July, to 60kg. but now, it come back to 65 ==" anyway, the tips is, even though i'm still fat but I could control it. So, the first thing is. 

1:  Love water and make it your new bff . 
- if you read article and seek up how to lose weight, this thing always comes up first. I know, I've search on several of it >.< Lucky for me, me myself is a tank of water. Means I'm a water mania. The best thing about water is it didn't really affect on your weight. It helps for your skin, face, digestion and also body health. Seriously, for me. When I ate something more than I used to, I would definitely head for the bathroom, meaning the water helps digestion fast. I think so, haha. 

2: Eating rules
- this is always been talked about in any articles, magazines even my parents and friend remind me on this. 
BLD eating rules :) made by me <3
- It's hard to keep up, I admit it. but, it's not even a loss to try. I tried once and twice a week, it definitely makes me full but because of my unorganized timetable, i couldn't keep up daily. So, i kept on eating less in the morning, making me hungry at night. That's actually bad cos' your stomach needs 3 hour to fully digest your foods. If you eat late at night the delayed process will turn it into fat. Or some sort like that, i hate science words, so i break it up for you. Haha,

3: Your friend-enemy, exercise.
- it's a long-last enemy for me but also sometime could be my best friend. It is the pain, exercise. For me, a stretch, few sit-ups and tons of walk is my daily workouts. Sit-ups, i rarely do it, cos' of space and places. LOL, excuses. But, stretch. I love to do it in the morning ahen I wake up cos' I need to hurry to class so I automatically set up to stretch every morning. :) Next, my hobby, walk! It's weird, but I love to walk. Even when my foot hurts because of the uncomfy shoes but I don't care. I could walk everywhere even though it is tiring but I felt strong and then I drink gallons of water >.< That's where my addict for water came from I guess. Haha, anyway, there is MANY types of exercise you can do. I'm not a good dancer but I love to random dancing. As you know I love k-pop, so I tend to dance through the music. The most preferable song to dance to actually sweat is SNSD's Gee & T-ara's Lovey Dovey. I read it of course from an article. Idol tend to lose weight on dancing. If you wanted a lightweight exercise, try sit-ups, stretch, jogging, rope skipping. If you're determined and wanted something more ferocious try lifting weights, marathon, badminton, netball and such. I couldn't really give out much as I rarely exercise but a sweat helps a lot in your way to lose weight. For muslim, our prayer could also be an exercise. So, don't forget to pray! :) /also, a reminder for me ^^/

keep on fighting to achieve it, cos' with hardwork, comes a victory :) InsyaAllah,