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Click Click Giveaway For Excotics By Yana Choi

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings,
I actually post a banner for this GA but unfortunately I lost. Anyway, the organizer is kind to invite me to join, thanks ^^ EXO again? yeah, i can't get separate from them anymore now, LOL >.<

Official Banner ;)
Click the banner to join ! :3
My handmade banner :)

Organizer : Lee Yana [ Yana Choi ]
Prize List & Sponsors : 
1 x EXO Clear File + Ear Cap  By Syadiya Shoppe
1 x Poloroid Exo Ver. 2 (Unofficial) By ShaZa Kpop Online Shop
2 x EXO Mystery Gift By Simplesyara
1 x EXO Long Badge By Yana Choi
2 x EXO Wristbands By Yana Choi
3 x EXO Badges By Shiedahruslan Kpop Shop
2 x Doodle By Shahirah 
3 x Top Button By Nuna
2 x Cursor + Review By Zulaizat
3 x Bloglist By Hiukae
1 x Full Blog Edit By JJ 
1 x 1 Set Of Bias's Edited Icons (20pc) By JJ
1 x Header + Cursors Of Bias Name By JJ  
2 x Header By Ira Syiqin
2 x RM5 (Maxis/Celcom) By Yana Choi
2 x RM5 (Maxis/Celcom) By NajwaZukri
1 x RM10 By Harra
1 x Lucky Draw By Yana Choi 

Awesome prizes for 30 winners ! Join now ! ^^

" If I have to choose one ultimate bias from EXO, I would choose Do Kyungsoo :3 "

- ends 31 Jan 2014 -