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Self Reflect

Friday, September 12, 2014

Candid moments with Mr. Ajie & Mrs. Shila :D

typical face that gda made whenever she poses :P

with my bruh bina, haha. looking pretty sis! 

As a lady
I'm not the preferable type of lady you would consider me as. Yeah I look like a lady, a childish ones. People my age go around with the trends while I'm sill in my cozy comfy shirts and tracksuits. Well, my mom had gone mad over this a long time ago but I'm big enough to decide by my own so she surrenders. I believe that I need to take care of my appearance as next year I'm turning to an age where people usually get married. It's not about the makeups or fashions but my attitude, preferences need to be more ladylike. I also don't have any plans on getting married next year but why not have a dream about it huh? It's fun though, hee. My friend keeps on talking about marriage that I accidentally bring it up in my conversation with my dad which is great cos' he actually gives me some good advice. But nahh not yet, there's not even a candidate yet. One day, I will find you mr. sunshine :D hee,

As the eldest daughter
I've been burdening my parents thought this past few weeks, sorry ibu & ayah. Also towards my family, sorry too. I promise I'll never worry every single one of them ever again. It didn't effect me much because I hate to see the looks on their faces knowing that I'm sick. I know they care a lot but it hurts me more though. I will always pull up a strong and brave character because for me, if it doesn't makes me fall it doesn't hurt me at all. I can't keep on whining about all the little injuries i have had or the migraine i once suffered. So, I'll keep on being the strongest of all for them as they had been for me from my childhood days. Sometimes I'll just look at their faces cos I didn't have the courage to say that I love them from deep within. I love you ibu, ayah, and all my other family members and relatives. :*

As a sister
I wish to lead my younger sister well as the role model but I still lack in many aspects. Luckily I have my second sis which is just 5 years apart for me who understands me. Well, not many siblings can share everything to each other but lucky for us, we share almost everything even though our age kinda differ. My youngest sister which is 13 years apart from me might get awkward because we rarely hangout with each other but both of my sisters still depends on me as their oldest sis and i'm just touched by every little things they did. Even when they call me "akak" or "kakak" i can fall into tears. I'm an unreasonable person when it comes to crying and emotion so yeah I'm glad my sis can handle their emotional big sister well and I love both of you very much, Bina & Jidah :*