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Crush, again ~ muehehe

Thursday, October 9, 2014

on my way meeting him, omo >.<
Mind my forever alone face there. I'm being a chauffeur for a day today driving my grandma, kak jom(friendly helper at home) and my nephew to NSK Rawang which is beneficial and fun for me because I got to stalk my crush there. Cheers! Oh yes, before that. I've confessed to my first crush which is as I expected but he's reaction is too innocent I can't bear but to leave him. Haha. He's too adorable in rejecting my confession but then for me it's just another step ahead in my life to confess to someone. I've two crush only in this year and both know about it. For me, if I already confess then my feels already over them. Like totally. Cos' it's awkward. Moving along, this new crush not quite new though. It's just that I rarely got to meet him. I only got the chance if anyone take me there. He's just a plain worker there, quite for some very long time. even before I got to know my bias which in 2012 if i'm not mistaken. Quite long while huh? The thing is, he's just a worker there and I don't know any further details about him but every visit there helps in learning about him better. I even updated on his job promotion. He's a manager and he manage the cashier stands well. Sometimes, I mean every time, I always hope he'd be there at the side of the cashier where I was queuing. Expectation too high though, cos' i don't think he notice at all. But he caught me looking at him every single time. Argh. I might lost it sometimes. Today he's been giddy too. Most of the time I (like usual) would stare without fail at him and he wouldn't even notice but sometimes when he's close, our eyes would meet but just for seconds. Duhh. But today it's different. I think it's their break time cos' most of the cashier is close and he's everywhere today. He would hang around close to the other side of the cashier but straight at mine. I was like, "ookay, he's tempting me today." lol. As usual, i would take a glimpse or two but I'm embarrassed as I try to look for him he caught me staring and he acted like it was nothing. I'm seriously blushing but then I still being giddy and wanted to just take a one clear good look on him before our turn in queue is next. This time, he looks straight at me and believe me time does stop for a moment there. I thought it would end like, blank faces and stares then nothing. Then he smirks and look away. I'm still smiling as I am typing this, it was so adorable. >o< I can't do anything but to lower my head and hide my giddy grins. Can't help it. After that, he stay around quite for some time, even check up on my queue on the cashier post. He is dreamy and cute, argh. But then I was too shy that I didn't dare to look back at him. But I never regret that I didn't see him on my back. Teehee ~ Again, sorry for my giddiness but I can't help it. It's in my feels right now, haha. I didn't expect much in this one, too many no's. But then, he's just a crush and I'm high on feels lately. Lol.

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