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Saturday is so awesome~!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yellow themed me
Go Yellow~ >.<
Too many activity just for today though i don't know what exactly I've being busying myself around with. Okay, I woke up late cos' I can't sleep last night. Then, I've a late breakfast just to eat my medicine. Then, went to NSK to accompany my dad plus meeting my crush which is a bit disappointing cos' he hang around with ladies too much, tsk. Lol. Like I care, I'm just too tired and dozed off in the car on my way home. We have lunch at home which is awesome, my grandma cooked Nasi Arab Special with steamed Chicken and tomato chilies mixture. It was delicious. And then, I'm suppose to accompany my dad to our new house but then he's too tired and I'm too tired, so that's that. And then, I'm just scrolling twitter until my grandma ask me to watch over Khalif. which is adorbs cos' I opened Infinite's Man In Love MV. He just watch it quietly, adorable~! His parents went out watching Annabelle, Lol. I hope there's spoilers~ Then after my grandma have done with her work I went out to treat the kids with ice cream but not with my money of course. With their own ice cream money. Haha. We went out for a while and oh yeah it was grizzling. And we're eating ice cream. Just awesome. And after we come back home, my sister played badminton with her cousin, Jiha. While me sitting there watching, judging. Lol. Oh yes, my Kaklong come today with her husband, Abang Pian to see Khalif I guess, hee. So, my grandma is seriously determined to cook for her by asking me to buy a chicken. Which is funny, cos' I never really buy chicken that are less than RM10, cos my grandma only gave me RM10. The worker said that 1kg is RM6.40 and it depends on the chicken size. Like for me, how am I suppose to know that. That is interesting. Lol, and I bought it for RM9.60. Cheap yet valuable, haha. Okay this is nonsense. And that's my Saturday ;) How about yours? Lol, have a nice weekend and take care everyonee~ ^.^=

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