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Segmen I Follow U By Blog Dieyla

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

Segmen I Follow U By Blog Dieyla
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The banner is adorable and flashy, hee. Okay, first thing first. There's a rule I need to complete first and that is listing all my social medias account that I want people to follow. Well, I don't mind though but I'll list it anyway.
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Uhm, instead of following my social medias account, I just hope people review my pages section which entitled ABBL. But if you wanted to follow it I've no objection of what sort. Thanks for the organizer, Miss Dieyla which is a CS student just like me. Ahaa, i'm so touched. And looking at her age, she's younger than me. My hoobae~ Nice to know~ ^.^= Ganbatte for this awesome course, lol. I'm not even studying for my third semester, duhh. Anyway, best of luck to everyone~~ May the winner get the prize, which is a topup. Oh yeah, I forgot to buy my topup. Duhh, coincidence or what. Ahaa, :3 Before I forgot about it again, the due date is on the 30th October which is my next checkup with Dr. Miza. Lol, pray for my health. 지우 지우~ (Jiu jiu~)

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