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Thursday, October 9, 2014

swollen eyes, sorry
I need to settle my college thingy as fast as I could because the finals are almost over. I'm dumbfounded, really. I never thought I've to actually change the place of my study, like I thought if I cure then it wouldn't be necessary/ But then, the appointment is up until December which is after my next semester started. I'm not in the mood to bring this up on a conversation with my dad cos' I know I'll get lectured freely. I do care about my health, but then as a student I too have to make choices for myself. It's my study life anyway. I have the courage to ask but then i'm not confident myself whether I can make it until the end of the semester. You see, I've no problem in fitting in but then to really blend in with the society is hard. I'm already in my third semester and what? I need to face ice-breaking again and all over again. Oh my, just no. I'm tired, like seriously. I might be depressed alone over this. My father said that Tapah is nearer, but for me it doesn't matter whether it is far or close. It's my student life. I just don't want to deal my last co-curricular in a new, awkward place. Also, I think I needed to re-take my module which is ouch because I've done it and now I've to take it again. Just, urgh. At this rate, I won't even be focusing on other matter, just to score fast and graduate. I might regret saying this later though cos' like I said I never had any problem fitting in. Moreover after I've changed like this, yeap. I don't care at all, haha. Now I need to psych myself to be strong, so that my blood pressure won't be tensed up and rise high. Keep calm, and himnae~ oh, Salam Zohor for all the Muslims and thanks for reading everyone ~

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