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Liebster Award by Qya

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

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I'm kind of anxious and very very thankful to the person who nominate me for this award. It's just a Q&A but still I'm looking forward for someone who is kind enough to mention and hey I got tagged! Yeay! I'm new to this so I can be kinda nerdy with the question, just bear with this girl for a while. I know the rule very well but then I'm stuck at the tagging part and I've delayed it quite too long too actually. I decided not to tag or ask anyone so that I can focus more on answering than confusing myself.

Many thanks to the person who tagged me. She prefer to be called Qya and she's younger than me so just names. Here's the link to her blog : & of course the most important thing, the 11 questions. Here's the questions by the dearest Qya to me.

1: Give 5 random facts about you
  1. I like to smile, a lot.
  2. I'm easily influenced by someone.
  3. I love to eat ice cream, pizza and sushi.
  4. I'm good at avoiding people.
  5. I've confidence in myself.

2: Do you ever had any embarrassing moment. What was it?
  • Well, yes. I thought that someone's tweet is for me but obviously it isn't. Well, that's one confusing moment. I don't know that person, but I felt embarrassed by myself though.

3: What annoy you the most
  • Person who gets on my nerves when my head hurts.

4: What is the most thing you want to get on your birthday
  • A strawberry cheesecake, cheesy pizza and pistachio almond ice cream. OMG!

5: Do you have any allergy? What is it?
  • Yes. I'm allergic to dusty or feathery things. Hence, I can't sweep properly with all the sneezing and also can't touch cats (but I'm a cat-lover) T^T

6: Close your eyes for a while and write whatever things that pass on your mind with closed eyes down here.
  • the phrase " I can only think about my bae that is actually my crush that I'm suppose to avoid "

7: If you are destined to be a fiction novelist, what is the tittle of your first novel?
  • Tales of coincidence : fate lies between strangers. (no idea at all)

8: I once smashed a boy on his cheek using my bare hand until he cried when I was 10. True or lie ? If it 's true why do you think I did that?
  • Might be true, because of the age. Well, you're still young though maybe he messes around with you and you got angry but then whoever didn't cry when they got smashed though, LOL

9: Have you experienced trauma.? What trauma.
  • Yes, i guess. Trauma of balloons. Is that even count as trauma? If it doesn't then nope.

10: When is the last time you cry.
  • Just a few days back, I'm a crybaby tbvh ;)

11: What type of shoes you love the most? Wedges? Sneakers? Flats?or what ?
  • Sneakers & Flats :D

Fuhh, well that's quite an awesome question you got there for a high-schooler. Anyway, I hope my answer is satisfying~ Now off to some other important schedule, adios' >.<