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Bbopki/Dalgona - Korean Sweet Traditional Candy Recipe ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bbopki/Dalgona by Kaitlin Cochrane

The taste is like a burn marshmallow or caramel. Sure it is, you're melting sugar down. haha. You have to believe your intuition with this one. Okay, now let's go to the recipe :)

Ingredient : 
- Sugar, Baking Soda

Materials :
- Small Frying Pan/Mini Wok,Aluminium Foil

Steps :
  1. Add a desired amount of sugar to the small pan/scooping thing. Just don't have so much that when you stir the sugar it over flows.
  2. Place the foil sheet on a table.
  3. Turn on your fire stove.
  4. Place the pan/scooper above the flame to let the sugar heat up.
  5. Stir the sugar with a wooden chopstick/stick/popsicle stick as the sugar begins the melt.
  6. When you're positive that the sugar has completely melted into pure liquid(don't burn the sugar btw) get a pinch of baking soda(a pinch = like smaller than your finger nail) and drop it in the sugar liquid.
  7. Place the pan/scooper back on to the fire and stir the sugar liquid.
  8. Stir as you see that the liquid starts to become the color of a caramel.
  9. Take the pan/scooper off of flame and quickly pour the substance on the foil.
  10. Now place the wooden stick inside the substance(bbopki).
  11. Now you can either leave it like that or get another sheet of foil and place it on top of the blob to flatten it out.
  12. Wait until the Bbopki has hardened enough so that you can remove it from the foil.
  13. Enjoy the 99% sugar 1% baking soda candy known as Bbopki.