Paige Caiden's Tale

learning how to use a bobby pins :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
I just found out about Bobby Pins >.<
Source : Google the most geekiest search web in da worldd >.<
mine is a hair pin >.< i just know that :D
I just bought hair pins and i thought that it was like what they normally used and called them regular bobby pins, but it's actually have three more types of it >.< I just learned two tutorial on how to use it. Both are for smooth hairs, unfortunate for my asdfghjkl hair >.< Anyway, it is actually quite helpful for the girls out there who have this pins and having quite a messy day, because this one tiny pins could even hold our buns of hair for the whole day. Awesome, this is serious. haha,
how do you use your bobby pins ?
this is tricky, haha. even for the girls who never used this would choose the first one, but the correct way is the second one actually >.< Because the thing is, it's supposed to grip the hair inside so if you pin the wavy side up, it  will be loose just after a few minutes.

it actually holds your hair for a long time tightly, so it is useful :D
NEVER bend your bobby pins, it's supposed to hold your hair tightly >.<
Okay, i can't show you my footage on how I use bobby pins. I learned this actually for my sister cos' lucky her she have front hair which kinda messy cos' she can't tie it back, so it keeps coming up front. Yup, annoying. So, we bought the bobby pins, makes tons of experiment with our hair and failed proudly. But, she gives up too fast and just went to sleep. Me, in other side seeking for tutorials and stuffs >.< Fortunately, I could teach her afterwards ;) Unfortunately, this isn't a hair-do's tutorial XD Just me be creeping on finding out about a freaking bobby pins. LOL, adios'