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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

I'm in the mood fort his just because I'm looping their playlist while doing this. Or else, argh. Well, this is one lame story how I became one but I'll tell you anyway. Hee. As you know, EXO is a 12 member boy group which have two separate group known as EXO-K (promotes in Korea) and EXO-M (promotes in China).

Who's that guy?
Okay, the first person that I know in EXO is Kim Jongin or his stage name, KAI. He got a model kinda pose in the teaser image so I thought he must be an awesome model. Second person I saw after Kai is Luhan. He got the beauty feels on his pose but still I only know their name and face. And to mention there are only two of them that are released at that time. around early March 2012. And yeah SM also release their group name and I'm like Ek-so? Like, what? Super confuse on the name at that time. And i thought it was just a two-man band. LOL, that's funny.

Interest on first sight
LOL, who wouldn't though. Synchronize handsome boys dancing to awesome beats is just eye-catching and heart melting you know. haha. My dear friend introduce me to their MV at tuition while we're waiting for our Account teacher to arrive. LOL. He showed me EXO-K's History MV. I was like woah, there's so many of them like WAHH *0* And the first person that caught my eye again is Kai. Sorry to say but for those who know in that MV, there's also M members, I dislike them cos they confuses me every time I'm trying to remember K members. Mianhae. But I love all 12 of them right after I've remembered their names.

12 names, birthdays, and etc.
This is quite a pain for a new fan to adapt to. There's just too many info to upload on your mind. But believe me, after you've remembered all 12 of them you'll have problems in picking your favorite too. LOL. I remembered them by the same MV. Looking at it non-stop and try to relate M and K members by their power. In their MAMA MV, it become easier to differ all 12 of them.

Ultimate Bias
Oh, after I've learn all their basic profiles, I have my eye on this one particular member and he stay as my ultimate bias until now and for quite long time gonna come. He is Do Kyungsoo or his stage name, D.O. I don't even know why I like him up until today, it's just everything he does makes me smile by myself. Aside from his cute innocent-like figure, he got a strong voice that can capture your heart at a glimpse. I like how he's cute even though he isn't try to be. Also his strict actions on most of the things just show he is a gentleman. He also a neat person based on the way he always cleans up dishes and cooks for the members. He might look blurred out with his bug round eyes and heart-shaped lips but he got quite a talent in acting and I'm very proud of him. Himnae, actor Kyungsoo <3 ~! Like I said, he have this thing of being cute even when he's gazing seriously on something. I found it quite attractive, hee. Plus, he's seriously handsome with any kinda hair especially when he pull his hair back and his hair went back to the front parting in the middle, I just can't >.< But the feature that I love the most on him is his hand, I've always like to look at a guy's hand. Dunno why, LOL. He's hand have this not quite obvious vein but seems muscular at the sametime, and he always wear two rings on the left side of his middle and ring finger which I also found attractive. ^0^ Told ya he's my UB. I hope he find he's soulmate cos I'm gonna root him until he's married and have children. Must be cute >.< It is weird though to hope your bias found someone else than yourself. Well, I seriously gonna support him all the way so yeah I hope he's dating someone secretly but then he also have acting career to be focused on. Must be cute, like how he's gonna sneak and date, URGH >.< I searched for his girlfriend picture and it is rumored he's one have it but due to the contract he break up with her. Aww. I hope they're still in contact though. Or he might be stalking her secretly, KYAA >.< I found their picture and it was adorable >.< Aww, i really hope he found his soul mate as soon as I found mine, ahaa T^T Ahaa, once I've started on him there's no stopping it. Urgh. Well, need to continue on the other 11 too. Let's go~

Eureurong, Eureurong, Eureurongni~
The rhythm that everyone familiar with. I'm very proud that they've own their own hit song that break all the top charts records. I'm just speechless of how awesome they are to achieve that in just a year. They just debuted in April 2012 with futuristic concept with two hit songs, History and MAMA. The response was great because they're still new but people might take some time to adapt to their concept and numbers of members. But right after Growl released, their popularity is noo kidding. I never thought the group I admire so much is quite international and all over the world in such a short amount of time. I'm very impressed and still shocked though. LOL.

Aiming perfection, to always performs the best
They never brought me down with this one, their performance and songs have always been my favorite of all time. If a person can listen to one song for ages and never get tired of it, I can hear all of their songs for eternity. Their synchronized dancing and awesome choreography have always makes me stunned and sometimes almost cry cos it's very beautiful. I'd rather go to fan-signing event than concert though cos then I could look at their faces one by one, just sitting there looking at their little movements and whatnot. Maybe one or two picture and a signature and then hours of watching their gestures is fine with me. I'm such a weirdo, people would be dying to see them. I'm fine though, hee. I only hope for all 12 of them continuing their journey as EXO no matter what happen.

Third language
I've learn quite hard on hangul just for EXO. LOL, I've been a k-pop fan since 2009 as a SHAWOL, Inspirit, Bana and BABY. After I liked EXO, it have always been them since. Ahaa. I also learn mandarin for them. Fuhh, what a hardwork but it's not just because I'm their fan or whatnot but because I really wanted to actually. It is interesting to learn new language though. I've my basic on hangul since the first time i'm being a k-pop fan but I've never learn mandarin before. EXO really help me a lot in learning this two language. Mostly Mandarin cos' my sister is learning Mandarin and we've no basic in it whatsoever so it's kinda hard to help her with her homework somehow. So, by learning the language I can help my sis in her studies as she's going to Mandarin school next year. Hmm, hopefully I can be at help when she needs me :)

I'm not talking about recent news about them to save my energy for tomorrow. I'll always hope the best for them as EXO no matter what happen. We Are One, EXO & EXO-L Saranghaja~!

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