Paige Caiden's Tale

student life: moving on~

Monday, August 22, 2016

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

i haven't been active here eventho i promised to atleast post something whenever i have a spare time but i'm stuck on twitter 24/7 instead *sigh* but anyway, the title sound a little bit too boring tho so i'm sorry that this post might become very long as i have a lot of things to talk about~

i'm gonna start from 2013, that is the university student phase.
i've been accepted to matriculation in perlis for accountancy at first but because my mom still hope that i got to continue in cs, so we also waited for the upu result. and miracle did happen after the upu result is out, i'm accepted to further my studies at UiTM Segamat, diploma in computer science. and without second doubt at all, my mom accepted the offer for me and keep on inspired me saying that the course is the best ones and how it'll help my career and all. it's because she's a system analyst right now and she's also a former cs student @ UTM, so~ yeah. if i were to tell about my life in UiTM Segamat i must say it's the most eco-friendly university ever. my first impression on it is pretty great because the students are creative and outgoing. (i watched a student guide video made by one of the student before the orientation day) first, many people prolly wonder how fun the orientation day is or how different the expectation and reality of it. believe me, if others said that certain orientation day are the best day of their university life, it must be it. cos we are not ourselves that day. we'll be challenged mentally and physically so we wouldn't just give a fake feedbacks on that day, except for the food. if the food isn't that good, you better complain it a.s.a.p cos food is important for survival~ not that i ever have problems with the food there before, i've taste almost everything in the uni and i have no complaint at all, everything is delicious (maybe that's why i never lose weight). let's talk about the geography-ish of the university. it's tiring. i'm overweight and also a lazy bum and it's really tiring to just walk from my dorm to the cafe nearby. i would pant so hard whenever i'm out to buy lunch. but i do enjoy how you can still manage to be healthy eventho you don't want to, cos everyone gotta go for class and eventho you're like me, you still need to strive through it. and eventho i said i rarely lose weight, my family always said i lose weight everytime i went back home so *raise eyebrows* okay, what's next.. the dormitories. about this, there's one particular video on the boys dormitories (they're doing a dorm appreciation video challenge), so you can definitely check them out on youtube. but talking about the girl dorm, it's okay i guess. i have no complaint about the dorm either. from the room, to the appliances, to the water-cooler, to the bathroom. i'm fine with everything. i'm actually a sensitive person cos i've allergies to dust and anything furry like cats and etc, but i've no problem living there cos like i said it's the most eco-friendly university ever (i missed Segamat) and when i got accepted there, it is also my first experience being independent so i'm quite clingy and very easily amused by others cos so far all of my roommy are very dependable and charismatic *0* (i think i'm gonna regret leaving Segamat now *sigh*)

i think i can't continue talking about what happened in Segamat already cos i might ended up being an emo again and i really hate that. so, let's start the part two of my life as a university student. so, i leave UiTM Segamat, twice actually. both of it because of my illness but the first one is actually just a hiatus. the second is an actual quit. i just knew i couldn;t continue it anymore, my illness ain't having it. it's getting worse as day passes by and i've been too lost by myself in the last semester. so while i'm staying at home since march, i'm still figuring out about myself and all. and i found that i've been crying with a purpose countless of times. because before this, i keep on being by myself and ignore others. but now that i try to reach out to people slowly, my tears become even more meaningful. anyway, let's start the phase two~

UNISEL Bestari Jaya
so, i've only done my research while the d-day is in another 5 days, *HALP* i'm too pro in procrastinating it's scary >< i've also visit the campus with my dad, and it can't be compared to UiTM Segamat tho. my dad also said that the campus was made solely as a study purposes kinda campus. firstly, the city is kinda far. secondly, the only entertainment you'll ever gonna get is rly far. i'm lucky that i can drive and all but i think imma be a really energy-conserve kinda person. they also said that the campus focus on islamic activity is really strong. tbh, i never the type to complain ot anything cos my life is blessed enough, but hearing how they really put islam as their top prioroty makes my heart feels at ease. my life have always fall to places that even the fact that i have SLE didn't bother me much. like i said before, i've been too lost by myself and islamic approach is the best ones for me but i don't know to who i should ask or refer to. not in islamic things in general but more to the muslimah thingy. i want to learn, cos i know my knowledge in this aspect is quite low. and i'm more embarrassed that most of my knowledge are on other things aside from the really important things, my own belief. i'm talking off topic right now, right? >//< but anyway, please pray the best for my student life cos i'll be handling this with a different approach. i kept on being by myself before when i was in Segamat so i'm going to ask for my mutuals and close friends opinion on how to be friendly again. i'm not usually awkward tho, it's just this illness really changed me in a way. a bad way T^T fighting~!

p/s: i'm actually having a fever yesterday after a slight cold. and now still recovering. i'm just glad that it isn't as worse as yesterday. anyway, stay hydrated everyone~!