Paige Caiden's Tale


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
I'm supposed to continue with my calculus revision but my laptop just ergh, haha. Okay, I'll study after this a bit, hihi. And i miss this blog, AWW.
Let's see what art i have been up to since I'm a seriously boring university student, haha
I made this while i'm on the peak of being a BTS's stan, LOL. I don't think i deserve the title Army just yet, but i want it though. LOL. I just love this trio, how can there be a mix face, like UWAA. haha. Baekhyun,Taehyung,Daehyun. All three of them are my second bias, hihi.
This is the closest picture i can search of this two, they're totally ctrl+c ctrl+v . LOL. I'm just amused, and they're both noisy, humorous, handsome and everything i hoped from a man. just perfect for my dream man. haha, unfortunately their my second bias, haha. that's weird.
Jyeah! My ultimate bias of EXO. Just, just. I can't explain what i feel, haha

260314 - #happyminseokday
My deary sis, Lucatsy Heatry

And last but not least my adorable i mean charismatic EXO, haha. I missed them, but I hope they're in a great health condition before comeback stage. I might have a life, but you're a part of my heart, hence you're also a part of my life. EXO, saranghaja! :)

Now, back to calculus. erggghhhhhh, but hey KaiSoo <3