Paige Caiden's Tale

Overdose (중독)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Someone call the doctor, please. Haha, joke2. I'm fine, quite stable with all my feels for EXO Teaser release~!! Finally~~  갸힝, 예헷~! The teaser was awesome eventhough it's short but it was precious >.< Eventhough other EXOstan are pretty intrigued by the teaser, let's not forget Oh Yehet-nim's birthday tomorrow ^^
사랑하는 오 예헷 님,
Have a blast with the other 11 hyung over yours, ~! May you be happy and no more frowning, more derping and no more aching. Take care of yourself, Yehet~ ㅋㅋㅋ ^^= And a have a happy kekeke-kkyahing-kkyahaaiii-yehet-yohot-ohorat-huit-euwargh birthday >.<

Okay, back to my self-concious self. I am excited for the teaser but I felt bad though cos' I've watched the illegal leaked dance practice video of Overdose. 미안해, 엑소 님~~ㅠ___ㅠ I also download the illegal mp3 , hmm. Now i'm embarassed, I delete it then the news about their fan-meeting at Japan was quite amusing. I can't do anything but to pray for thei safety there. So, I download the track back with bolder face that I'm doing this because I've always do this. Even before SM release the track for Growl, I've replayed it on my mp3 for quite a while, LOL. again, sorry ~~ Anyway, the music is addictive and it's totally going to be a hit for EXO with Overdose. Well, you can say the reason are mainly because of EXOstan crazy behaviour. Other hint is because the leaking everything about EXO is just everywhere and I'll never think it'll ever stopped. Poor them but lucky for the fans. Still again, I'm sorry TT____TT Okay, enough me apologizing, now I need to ease my mind and go download the teaser, LOL

Oh, my final exams finally ended~! JYEAHH >.< And I'm coming home tomorrow afternoon, yippie ~! And my phone can be charged /finally/ hmm, what else, haha. that's that i think. Alhamdulillah, my life at ease today. ~^^

Bored enough of staying alone, it's movie time tonight, but still no idea of what to watch. Hmm, random movie night~! haha,

Okay, hoping all the readers out there to take care of their health whenever you are and hope you're blessed for taking your valuable time to read my invaluable post, LOL. Mianhae for biased thingy, adios!