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Colorful aite? ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

new theme inspired by my colorful loom band ;)
my stable connection with le superman <3
Okay now that's cute, haha. I haven't post here for awhile now, IMY bebeh. I have been busy changing le theme for this blog and making new blog for giveaway purposes and new template ideas. I have too many free times nowadays as I'm in MC, hee. I want to tell every single thing that happen but I'm tired though. So, what I wanna say is I miss my laptop so much, haha. My father's is fine but still all my EXO video T_T LOL, I need to be worrying about my health though. hoho. I'll try to make up the post that I've left. And hey new theme! Inspired by my own handmade loom band. Okay i'm seriously tired plus with mosquitoes flying allover. Tata for now ~~