Paige Caiden's Tale

My crush, ahaa

Thursday, September 18, 2014

he's as adorable as finn. hee
He looks seriously nice, kind and tidy. Yet, he also have a childish type behind those handsome face. AHAA, GOSH I LIKE HIM A LOT

I say hi first as I'm the one who ask for his number once. I thought he wouldn't respond but he did. We met at a module, we're in a same group. I've like him since the first time I saw him. Hee, and lucky me to be in a group with my crush. Okay enough giddnyness. What I know from our ice breaking is that he's two years older than me. Dunno the reason but he do seems mature. I chat with him since yesterday and he respond friendly. We use "kau, aku" cos yeah no awkward there. And i'm glad that he's comfortable around me to talk even about the littlest things he does. How adorable, i felt like petting him. LOL. At first I just like his vibe of being the most mature one there but as I know him, I like him more because of his cheesy attitude. aww, haha. because most of the men be like cool and arrogant and i'm suppose to like them but then i always fell for the adorable ones. Hee, can't help it. He's been staying up late and getting tired. Hoping that he'll have enough rest, take care :D Okay now i'm blushing, buh-bye

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