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Monday, July 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

i haven't talk about a topic in ages, so let's see how well i can do this without the readers yawned halfway through ><

so, i've started blogging since the starting of high school (i guess) and that time i was just beginning to get comfy with all this blogging thingy. and i followed this one awesome blogger. her blog is always so neat and simple and i just love her blog so much. i'm still following her until today and as i scrolled down her recent post, i saw that she is currently studying at my former study place. what a coincidence. i was like "omg, if i still continued, we can actually met". but then, it's still fascinating, knowing that people you knew on the internet are just few miles away and you might also encounter them on the street. i love those kind of coincidence moments.

anyway, i started to rant while reminiscing about something just now but i thought not to post it cos it'll just be confusing and stressful, so i let you enjoy the video of my sister singing happy birthday to me 5 years ago. and Happy 21th Birthday to me! I can't believe i've surpassed 20 already. WOW. anyway, i always have a better resolution for my birthday wishes and i think it's achievable this year so FIGHTING!

p/s: i drink a lot nowadays, it sure is hot eyy. stay hydrated everyone~