Paige Caiden's Tale

who is Paige Caiden?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

you might (or might not) read my about me, but you'll still wondering where did i get this name from or who am i or etc.

or... maybe you don't but let's just assume that you're interested in this anyway >.< so, here goes~

so... how i got the name? okay, i'm a 95 liner and addicted to disney. camp rock and high school musical to be precise. i become too absorbed in the jonas brothers since 08' and have been creating imagines on them at that age. that's how the character named "paige caiden" appear. it's a character that i create for my imaginary side that is totally different than me in real life. like a fan fiction character. it's supposed to stay like that until i got into the dark ages of my life in 2009. i regained my confidence from that year's slumber and come back as Paige Caiden. well, atleast in the web. people around me still call me "pka". but thanks to that character that i created, i got whole new level of confidence on myself.

talking about creating name, there's also a backstory in how i create my nickname "Pka". my real name have a really nice meaning to it and i should be proud of it cos it's represents me. but, i became burdened with it. the meaning is lovely and very nice (no kidding). and also, whenever people call my real name, i sound so fragile. so, to defy all that cos i can't live up to my name's greatest definition, i created Pka. which originally was from pikachu because people will always jokingly teased me with it. so yeah, i just shortened from pika to pka because the "p" already sound like "pi". that's why i capsized the letter P in my nickname. it's supposed to be read as Pka (pi-ka). but, seeing how rare the name Pka was used because usually others would use part of their name in their nicknames but i take an anime character name instead >//<

so, there goes. it's boring. i don't know what to wrote nowadays. my ideas are draining. i really wanted to edit my blog but i became very busy and forgot about it, *sigh* maybe next time >.< thanks for reading! and oh, Selamat Hari Raya! (eventho it's already the 4th of Syawal >//<)