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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

Paige Caiden Art - Sia's You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Sia - You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile :)
I'm back! Literally though. I have a lot of things to tell but then so little of time to spare. Oh, first of all I hope everyone in a great condition because it's the fever season now and even my family is infected by it. T^T It's saddening watching them bearing the pain. I hope I could help in every way possible. Just praying the best for them so that they've strength. Take care okay?

I've been doing part-time to earn money while i'm still on-leave for study. I'm seriously envious of my friends that got to continue their studies as they could graduate on time. While me just sitting around waiting for confirmation whether I could continue or not. Well, what to do. Serious illness problems. Even though I've to put that on hold, I still have desire to study but too lazy to seek for the notes and stuffs. Yeah my motivation drains fast. Lol. Back to my part-time work. I earn RM10 per day and believe me it's more than enough cos it's my father's shop anyway. And I would felt bad taking more than that so yeah. It's enough. I'm trying to collect money to buy something of course. My sis insist on getting herself a new phone which I might tell ya in another post. While I just want comfortable clothes. Wait, did I just say clothes? YEAH, I'm short of comfy clothing. Nowadays I'm getting attracted to sweatshirt kinda clothing cos it's baggy yet comfy. I'm seeking for shops that selling it but first, money. Fuhh, I just felt it a bit of loss to work for days to buy one clothing. So, I might earn more money first then i'll consider about buying stuffs like that. Lol. I am quite petty when it comes to buying things for myself. Well I don't mind buying things for others though. Hee. Hopefully I could earn like maybe RM100? Fuhh fuhh deep breaths, insha Allah.

Oh, tomorrow we're going to someone's wedding invitation. Our cousins, i mean my mom's relative's. Which I still have no clue which one is the one but I doubt it's the person that always help me and my sis with our shawls every time it's Raya. Hee. Well, I've planned to wear jubah as it's the only formal attire that seems appropriate and also matched with my sis also. Lol. We have loads of clothing that are yet to packed and brought here ya know. Such a headache by thinking of packing it. Fuhh. I wonder when we're going to packed it anyway. Lol.

Yeay, I'm back as a photo editor! I'm getting inspired this past few days don't know by who but I've starting to edit pictures back and the outcome is neat. I wonder if I could earn money by just doing that. It would be superb. I'm not that crazy about money but I wanted to know how it feels to earn your own money by your own effort. That's why I love business. I just salute those who make their living income just by selling things. It's my dream to open up a shop though. A gift shop. Where I got supplied by an outsider (foreigner) which makes adorable stuffs and offering to sell in the most affordable price. I just wish to found that someone. It would take a miracle for that and I'm still praying for that to happen but then on the more realistic way, I'm studying on how successful business people actually earn they income by their own effort. There's so many things to learn and I might just start on business thingy soon cos my dad's a business man and he just joined this company called Elken as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) person. I'll tell ya in another post also ~ ^^=

Ahh, so many random things I tell today. Oh, another thing. You know that feeling when you look at your crush and he caught you. It's just embarrassing yet wonderful aite? I just stumbled upon it this morning and I got excited for a day just because of that. Lol, such giddiness.  >.< I can't help it, it's better for me to keep on having crush than to believe on fake promises of love. Pergh the words.

The rain had stopped pouring and it's Maghrib soon, have a wonderful evening everyone :)

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