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Robots or Dragons?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

baymax-hiro vs toothless-hiccup

More realistic question is Big Hero 6 or How to train your Dragons 2 ? If you haven't watch both of it, I would recommend you watch both of it. Ahaa. Both of this movie have quite common characteristic to it.

Adorable Sidekick
Baymax - Toothless
This two creatures capture people attention by their adorable figure and character. Baymax is a healthcare robot while Toothless is a powerful rare species kind of dragon. Their similarities is they look adorable. They have their own owner and also respectful towards their owner too. 

Moral of the story
"Every problem can be solved with a meeting or a talk, not with fights"
Well, if I told about this, it's gonna be a spoiler for those who haven't watch it yet. I'm gonna tell about it briefly how this connects both of the story. 
In Big Hero 6, the part where Hiro helped Dr. Callaghan before he destroyed Kirk because of his revenge on his daughter's death. Hiro also almost want to kill Dr. Callaghan out of revenge on his brother's death but Baymax calms him by showing the video footage of his brother while making Baymax operates. In the end, Hiro helped Dr. Callaghan to save his daughter and Baymax and Hiro's relationship gotten very close within moment where Baymax sacrifice itself in the time portal. 
In How to train your Dragons 2, Hiccup wanted to solve the war that almost happen between two territory. He tried his best up until Toothless got hypnotized and attack Hiccup's father which made him rage on Toothless. After that Hiccup realize that it's not Toothless fault and wins it back from the dark influence. They manage to take over because of the loyalty between Toothless and Hiccup. (Spoiler much? LOL, sorry)

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