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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

Okay, today post might be especially for female but hey what’s wrong with some knowledge right? I’m going to share about 3 all-time favorite of every woman anywhere in the world, produk kecantikan. Today, we’re going to be very frank about the language I used. Well, we’re Malaysian so what’s wrong with a little mal-lish right?
zalora lipstick or lipgloss image edited by PC

First, the confidence you wear when you talk. Oh yes, lipstick or lip-gloss. When you confront with several of people every day of course you would have a conversation with one or two of them. People might say that eye attracts people, but the mouth really does all the work though. With lipstick on, you could really bring up that glow of your face more.
zalora eyeliner image edited by PC

Second, the eyeliner that could really caught anyone’s attention. This simple tool can really bring that shine on your eyes. Like I said before, the eye that can caught almost everyone’s heart. So, of course you would want to make your eyes looks attractive. With a slight magic of eyeliner, your eyes could look sprightly and gorgeous.
zalora powder image edited by PC

Lastly, powder. Well, maybe not magic powder but it could tone up the color of your face more. It is basically the base that could cover your entire face. It could cover up those blemishes, oils and really help in making our face look smooth and bright. The most common used kind of powder is the compact powder which has a mirror on its own so that you could touch-up every time you need to.
You can look up all three of these beauty products for women at ZALORA official site. They offer you various types of well-known branded products.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you do gain some knowledge and a special thanks to Zalora for this awesome opportunity to write this article. You’ve really give me a valuable experience, thanks again.

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