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Achieving my dream : learning business

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
I haven't update for quite some time~ I just got discharged yesterday after a successful Kidney Biopsy. Alhamdulillah. Eventhough the pain is unbearable but Allah gives me strength to pull it through. So, after this we just have to wait for the doctor's diagnosis again which is on the 29th. Hopefully the result are all okay, amiin. They inspect me for SLE but I hope not. Just hoping for the best result and also speedy recovery for myself. I need to rest properly at home and can't do heavy workload as the chances that that place to bruise is high. So, we just gonna take some relaxing time off while blogging maybe or just napping. Hee. That's why I decided to post today.

The topic is one of my favorite. I have always favor business because of my father's job. He's a businessman and I always have look up on him as a role model in this field. Business is one risky field to join in, but once you're in you're gonna be addicted and hey "9/10 punca rezeki adalah dari berniaga" correct me if i'm wrong, but I've heard this quote for quite sometime and I think it's awesome. I just love the interactions between seller and customer, the in-going and outgoing money transaction and the random feedback given by various types of people. It's just fascinating. I'm interested in this field but why am I taking up a whole different type of course, like Computer Science. Well, my father said that the chances of further studying in that course are very rare and limited, so you have to grab that chance cos business can be like a part-time work or as a hobby if you like.The planning is for me to graduate with a Diploma in Computer Science, get a job as a programmer and maybe be like my mom. OR make my own software, sell it , become a programmer and also do business. OR like now, that my study is halted, I can just focus on making business. I'm lucky to be studying accounting a bit in high school and with my passion in business, I'm just learning everything that I could.

Experience might help in the realization of my dream. I have been helping my father at his descent cafe for quite awhile. Not much but the skills are there. I can take order, calculate the price, wrap up Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. I can handle almost 88% of the work in that place. Also, I have pull through a successful vendor stall in our school Keusahawanan day. It was awesome as all of the budget, cost and etc is all up to us to control. It was quite hard cos it's one big opportunity and we're just a small club with only five serious committee people including me. So, we manage to pull it through anyway and I'm just glad we did it with more money to even spare for our club. Alhamdulillah. Well, looking at the experience it might not be much. That's why I'm saying that I'm still learning. I'm seriously very interested in this field. Like people nowadays that sell Shaklee. I'm super delighted seeing them promoting every single day non-stop and also make this crafty post to attract people's attention into reading it. To be honest, I'm attracted to their post every single time. even when it tells about the same product, their way of attract people is just THE BEST. I approve of it. I also looked up to one of my classmate who is now a sucessfull seller of Mineral Coffee. I'm just wow-ed by him because at first I'm just being supportive and all as a former classmate. But after following his updates on Instagram, he's one brave and hardworking seller. He promote about it almost every day and looking at his customer's feedbacks, he's successful okay. I'm lucky enough to encounter such people in life but unfortunately I'm not that brave to handle my own line of business. My father once give me suggestion to open up a gift shop. Find a very great factory that could offer the best product at considerable amount of price, rent a shop that have a strategic location of the things you wanna sell. It's alsmost as my version of my own dream but then I'm too timid to even start anything, hee. But now that I'm turning 20 soon (next year, pfft), I'm becoming more bold and even more daring to try almost everything that worth the risk. The valuable ones for my life of course. My hope by this very long post is that people who might have experience or thoughts on business even a piece of advice would really encourage me to go on. I might be too straightforward but yeah, in business we gotta be real honest. So that whatever transaction we made with our customers would be blessed. In sha Allah. I'm quite good with words but quite stuttering in speeches, hee. Hoping that I could improve that by the time I'm reaching 20~

Oh, I'm making a poll on this successful company named Elken. I want to tell the story behind it but if you go to the website it'll be more easier though, hee. Like I said, I'm not that brave enough to talk about someone's successful company. If you can just take some time and do the poll, it would help a lot. Thanks :*

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