Paige Caiden's Tale

Dear, Silv3rt3ar & Reynah.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Silv3rt3ar Reynah
I love them cos' they do covers mostly from my favorite group, EXO. Lol, biased much. I've manage to download it just for myself to hear it daily. Seriously I'm addicted and plus my favorite song also. Double loves. I wanted to ask for permission actually, to put up this cover as the background music of this blog. Okay what am I doing. I can just ask from them personally but then I'm too shy, ahaa. I just hope they would maybe accidentally found this post and give me permission to. Lol. Or else, we'll just have to wait then. Haha, absurd. But still, I'll wait though. Anyway, enough absurdity. I also want to say something as a fan, teehee~ To Elise I love your voice so much and I think I've mention it so many times in every cover I watched, you've talent and I say go for SM Audition girl~ Ahaa, you're also a good composer and songwriter. I hope you'll continue making covers or maybe compose your own song? Kyaa, must be awesome~ Oh2, I also have mention this, I really hope EXO would encounter your covers and maybe have you sing with them cos it's gonna be EPIC >o< I support you 100% /crying full of feels/ To Reynah I love piano so much so I love anything related to it, include you. Lol. Plus, you've made covers of EXO's song too. I just can't help but to immersed with feels every time T_T You've succeed in moving my heart, and you're truly a great pianist to be arranging those hard notes and whatnot. Sorry, i never learned anything about piano or even reading musical notes. I wanted too though. You're also one of my inspiration to learn to play piano, maybe someday. But again, I also hope you would continue making great covers and also continue composing awesome arrangements of your own. Your sense in melody and rythm is just jjang! Two thumbs up!! >.< You remind me of Lay somehow, teehee~

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