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What have happened to SM Entertainment?

Friday, October 10, 2014

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I've been wanting to post about this for quite sometime now. I might not know the whole story about the company but I've been adore this company's successful achievements. For me, this company would only produce high quality and extraordinaire artist because of their top achievement globally. The thing is it is fine until they change their CEO recently. It is frustrating as so many thing went bad from that point. Like everything seems odd after Youngmin become the CEO. I'm not blaming hm for taking that respectable position. Well he might qualify to be leading one of the top entertainment company ever but then SM Artist have been wronged like obviously now. I'm worried and quite disappointed.

First thing first. I've become an SMTown-ers since 2009. So I might not know about them a lot but what I know is enough to prove there's something wrong with this company somewhere.

Kim Kibum, my first bias ever in Super Junior. Rumor said he left because of his ongoing movie at that time plus military service. But then, he's still a part of Super Junior, right? After a few unconfirmed rumors, still no confirmation from himself. But by looking at how he wanted to pursue his dream as an actor, he have to hold his dream as Super Junior. Did you hear any uncomfortable thoughts there? No, right? Just a short break for his idol dream to pursue a bigger scale of his dream. Nothing wrong with that and i''m grateful he's successful now. Super Junior have been a strong group of 13 multi-talented boys. I know them at the peak of their popularity and I'm grateful for that. I first knew them through U, then has been adoring Kibum since Happiness & It's You. They're one awesome group from men now and I felt proud of how they got until where they are now. I'm also feeling very lucky to witness their peak moments with their legend song Sorry, Sorry. Anyway, the thing about members leaving still not that comfortable to be heard about. Since Kibum left then Kangin then Hangeng, it felt so wrong. Like, the choreography and such. But they still manage to stand strong as Super Junior and also still supporting the other members very well. I'm proud and touched by their brotherhood. This is when Lee Sooman stilll the CEO. Let's back up a bit now.

TVXQ. Legendary men group ever. It might seem exaggerate a bit but they're quite a legend as one of senior group in SM. I'm not that hardcore Cassiopeia but I still support them as one of SM Artist. Okay, what I can't put my hand in this group is why they're separated at first? Rumor said they are actually in a lawsuit but if it's true why they have to promote separately? Some said because of their Visa but then still can't it be settled? I'm confused but then, they're still a part of TVXQ cos there're no disbandment made at all. They might promote differently but whether it's JYJ or TVXQ! it's still TVXQ for me. I've been supporting them since Mirotic and been adoring MAX Changmin until now. This is also when Lee Sooman still the CEO. Okay, now let's go to the bigger deal.

Jessica Jung being forced to leave. Just because she wanted to sell her own brand?! What is wrong with doing that? Lee Honggi is selling his own brand and his company gave full support on him and he still a part of FT Island?! Also because of the marriage rumor. I think that is way out of hand, too many rumor I might kill someone. Dating is okay but marriage for a girl with big dreams to achieve, I think she can hold that thought for a moment. Even if she's confirmed to be dating or marrying someone, how could they forced her to leave? What did she do wrong, urgh. I think from all other members of SM Artist, she's been wronged the most. I'll always support SNSD all the way. Since peak times, Gee up until their sub-unit now, TTS. Be strong SNSD and SONE.

EXO. Hearing this group name must been hard especially after Luhan had filed a lawsuit today at 10AM because of health and personal problems. The reason is just like Kris. The remaining fan are half-hearted whether to support them or not. If we do, they'll leave, but if we don't, they'll suffer more. I think it's good that Kris pursue his dream and take an action to file a lawsuit cos' the culprit behind these messy things are finally revealed. We haven't hear problems before when Lee Sooman is still the CEO. But why after Youngmin take the position everything become so upside down? I'm actually relieved that Kris take that brave action to continue his acting career. It's no fair that he can't act as he wanted and can't take care of his health as he wanted. He's still an illegible person to be doing all he wanted though. He might get controlled by all the restriction from the company but to hold him from his dreams and also worsen his health condition is just too much. I absolutely blame the company's decision for this one. They even being childish and delaying serious things like this, urgh. I can't stand human nowadays. This is because the dating confirmation only took a day to be released to the media but serious matter like a lawsuit can't even be settled at all. This might be a little thing for certain people but it' about someone's life too though. I might backing up Kris side more but for me it isn't his will to leave EXO too. He needs to think from every other aspects too. He's already  mature, he's choices must be the best for his condition at that time and as a fan we have to understand and continue to support him. He's been doing great with all the acting offers and even pursue his dream becoming a main vocalist by singing in a soundtrack of a movie. I'm proud of you Kris. Okay, now let's go to Luhan. What I know is Luhan sick for quite some time but then there's no story about him after that I'm becoming worried. Then this happen. They said it's because of his health and he chooses to stay with his family for the moment being, I understand that but what do the company did to them like seriously?! Packed schedule, no rest at all, performing in a typhoon, worsen their health condition, keep them from their family?!! so many that I hope Lee Sooman come back to fix all of this. This is just too many to be put up to. And becoming an EXO-L is another pathway to reveal every self-destruct plan the company is making behind the scenes while their artist working their best for themselves and their fans. I hope EXO members are strong in supporting each other so as EXO-L. We Are One, Saranghaja~! <3

And also all this thing about the recent SMTown concert, the disappearance of a member from each group.
SMTOWN in Tokyo - EXO Luhan, f(x) Sulli, SNSD Jessica & Sooyoung didn't attend.
I'm seriously worried. They might not attend because of health and busy schedule issue but then I'm still worried.

I might not be any of their official fan but then I'll always support by their pearl light stick colors. I might seems proud and dissapointed but all I can do is just supporting and hoping the best for them form a far. Himnae SM Artist~!

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