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Internet Suicide

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Assalamualaikum & Greetings.

Looking at the title seems like a serious case huh? Well, it is for me. I've been expose to the internet since my early high school days, 2008 maybe? It is myspace of course at that time. The thing about the internet is everything you post become public and it is quite scary how many information other people can gain about us just by searching our name. Luckily, my name is quite common but still my pictures are still out there. You know if we deleted the pictures from the Internet, the copy of it will always remain. It is quite embarrassing if unnecessary photo came out as you're preparing for your resume. Well, nowadays there are hackers, Photoshop and etc. People tend to hack other and steal identity. Others tried to make themselves look good by editing their pictures. My point is, is it really necessary? I know the Internet is in the peak of it's usage nowadays. But still letting yourself to be easily searched out there isn't safe ya know. For me, I'm trying to delete or at least erase bit by bit of myself on every social media I've owned.

I'm still using my name but not the exact name for my Identity Card
Okay, this is quite serious. People want to be as original as they could in the Internet. It is good but there's a catch to that. There's a higher risk of people to steal your identity because it is like a crucial thing on your IC.

Release only basic things people need to know.
This is quite problematic ones as people nowadays just publicize their personal info almost everywhere. The most basic things is like your age, where you're staying (general), and your e-mail. The age is required as for manner matter. Place you live is for seeking mutual friends or maybe just updating where you actually am in this big world BUT not specifically. People might get to your address and that's might lead to robbery. Your e-mail is for contacting purposes because releasing your phone number to public is quite dangerous too. This include, phone scam & disturbing contacts.

It's okay if you keep your photo private 
The most crucial thing in any social media, your profile photo. It is necessary to put your photo to let others recognize you easily but some might have other opinion just to be safe of themselves. There is also a catch on this one. People can get your photo easily and you don't even know what they're doing with it. Just be careful when you post your own pictures. Just to be safe, keep it private is the best and maybe only release it to the person you're close with.

The most important thing is, you have the right to control over yourself. Others don't, so don't let them.

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