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New house experiment ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Assalamualaikum & Greetings.
I'm seriously very excited to stay at my new house. It is kinda weird to move suddenly but still the feel is awesome. I become a full time maid at the house as the first daughter (can't help it), but i'm fine with it. Okay, the distance between my current house and the new ones are quite far so we've ought to travel by car. Except for my dad who can ride his big bike. He always go back and forth by the bike because of his cafe business in the morning. Yesterday, I go to my usual checkup for some blood test. The service is meh, too tired to even complaint. Government -o- After that we went to NSK to buy some stuff and my crush isn't working today, maybe his day off and the place look kinda deserted. After some groceries, we went back. I drove the car with my sis back to our new house while my dad brought his bike. The activity for the day is just eating and watching movies. My sis is on vacation due to PT3. So yeah, she's kinda excited to be spending her rest time here. She injured her feet while practicing badminton, poor her. But she's healing fast, hee. Oh I cook various of things yesterday, through Google. Lol. What a shame, but at least I try. Just to boil a simple noodle, duhh. And I overcook it, it become bleh. but still eatable though. and we have dinner together just the five of us which is rare cos we rarely have got time for it. It was nice.Then after done cleaning the dishes and whatnot, I help my sis with her homework and escort her to bed. O yeah, my youngest sister sleeps with me while the other one have her own room for herself. So, just like this morning, I have to wake her up early to school and escort her to sleep early for school. It is tiring but hey I can wake up early~ I actually wanted to make ice cream today, hopefully it'll turn out well. And I've been wanting to tell an interesting story about someone I think I've known for quite sometime but he doesn't know me at all. Hmph. I'll tell you in another post, now chores time~ buh-bye~

If you're having a hard time to sleep at night (just like me the other night), here some useful and beneficial tips. Insha Allah,
Screenshot from Twitter
Bismillah, let's try it together.

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