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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I've read on this one interesting post about SEO and beginning to get curious of what is it. the link to the post is here : how to increase SEO score of your blog by H1 header tags - by Miss Aynora. In this post it also have a site to check your SEO score. I search it on Google and it's for increasing the chances of people finding your blog by your header tag. As you know the header tag plays a role as a great keyword for any search engine to find about us. It is quite great actually to know at least how to increase it so that you have many visitor to your blog and also increase your side incomes too, maybe? Hee. The explanation is too long and complicated so I summarize it as short as possible so that it won't be confusing, hee.

Oh, I just check mine. It is 36% which is quite low so I'm trying to implement the tips that Miss Aynora give. Hoping that it might increase more than 80%. Hopefully.

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