Paige Caiden's Tale

1st day of class

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sorry for the quality of the camera and the drawing >.<
Yeah, that is my part-time while studying XD what I got? Instant giggle from myself >.< Okay enough of the weird part of me. I just started my first and second class for my second semester. It was asdfghjkl AWESOME but i'm too tired to be anxious >.< So, I felt tired in Calculus class. Oh, after this is CTU which is not that hard. So, my feeling? It was awesome to be in the same class as my former classmate XD Also, I didn't get College. So, I have to plead for it. While my pleaded form in the process , I got the 'specialized' college. haha, it's fine. I got to live with the senior and my life is seriously more organized than before. I'm proud and glad ;D I hope 'bonda' help me in the plead case >.< I love it here cos' it makes me independent but it's just too far, yup i'm gonna get un-fat >.< Like, I wish i could get thinner. Yeah, another achievement, I wake up at 6AM after so much struggling on sleeping last night. I didn't blame them , just myself for being absurd. Hope I can pull it off awesomely, LOL. 
from EXO's Wolf Drama Version.
I heard that D.O sprained his ankle and been brought to hospital right after MAMA 2013. But, I haven't watched it yet, I might cry. Poor him. Get well soon, Do Kyungsoo oppa! :'(