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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

H.O.T Members, now and then.
I actually remember them cos' of EXO, haha. Cos' as you know EXO are currently joining immortal song, singing the legend's. it was awesome >.< eventhough it's old and not in their genre of song but they sang it nicely everytime ;) Oh, k k. Actually, this isn't the first time i admired their hardworking senior. If you're EXOstan, you'll remember that EXO once perform H.O.T's we are the future. Completely amazing >.< I felt like crying everytime :') Then, I searched for TVXQ and SHINee's covers too, they did it energetically and i love it too! But the most epic ones are the original one :D The thing is, I praised SMTown Owner, Lee So Man for making their dream and our hopes come true :'3 I totally felt like proud of all the sm artist eventhough i'm not their founder :'3 anyway, i'm hearing EXO's songs in immortal songs, you should listen to it and i promise you won't be dissapointed :')
oh and the live one EXO did, here :
They're AWESOME >.<
I wanted to talked about H.O.T actually but i didn't know much about them. I know that they're the senior in SMTown. And I know one member of H.O.T, Kangta which is actively appearing on SMTown Live Concert Tour :D That's that, haha. Anyway, I just LOVE SM Artist that's why in my laptop there are k-pop folder where i put all the korean thingy, the other unimportant folder and the most important one, SMTown folder where I put everything about SM Ent. in there. Even Lee So Man will be loaded there, will okay, not yet >.< Anyway, SMTown fighting! <3