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Friday, November 22, 2013

i've been doing it wrongly, sorry guys ;(

Here's the right way to share:
  • Post to Facebook, and tag a few friends
  • Tweet about it in Twitter
  • Blog about the campaign
  • Update your status on Instant Messanger
  • Tell your friends on other social networks
  • Find an angle which appeals to your friends
  • Check out the university for tips and examples

Your account will be banned forever if you're evil. Here's how to avoid being evil:
  • Don't ASK people to click on your links to 'help' you. That's not fair to the people who trust you to share it naturally.
  • Don't post your link on shoutboxes and discussion forums, it maybe spammy to others!
  • Don't use automated methods to generate clicks. It's easy to get banned.
  • Don't use misleading message to trick people to click on the link.
  • Don't email people you don’t know. That's spam!
  • Don't post your link on campaign's website or campaign Facebook page. Ever.
  • Don't post your link on and Facebook page.
  • Don't use Paid To Click (PTC) sites
  • Don't join secret groups or click-rings to click each others' links

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